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Hey Guys!!! So Jade has decided to do something crazy – SHAVE HER HEAD for St. Baldrick’s Foundation – Savannah, GA!!!! We have set a pretty big goal to raise at least $2000 for children’s cancer research (and would love to raise even more!!). We need your help!! Please donate to help raise money for research against childhood cancer. Any little bit helps. Also come see Jade and all the others on March 19th get their head shaved (or shave your head too). She has about 14 inches of hair to donate so we started the donations with $140. We are so excited to bring some awareness to finding a cure to childhood cancers. We have decided to honor Ella B. as she battles a diagnosis of DIPG cancer which is extremely rare. Find out more about the awesome Ella B. on my donation page!! Also Matthew says if we go past our goal of $2000 he will also shave his head too!!

Here is my donation page: CLICK HERE

Help us raise awareness and donations for research with childhood cancer. Kids dealing with cancer are so strong and lets show them how much we love + support them!!!

Thank you Mackensey Alexander for the photo and Jules, Dollface by Jules for the fresh faced makeup!!! Love you ladies!!